10.21 Reconstructions & Commentary

6 years ago

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Hi everybody - I've had a few requests for a reconstructions blog for the 5 solves in my 10.21 OH average from the Malaysia Cube Open 2017. There are a few changes that I and most people make for their one-handed solutions (as compared to 2-handed solutions) which can speed up your solves, so you might get a couple of nice ideas from this blog.

I also wanted to get this up before Max inevitably takes it sub 10 :p

Thanks a ton to Brest for doing some reconstructions much more efficiently than I could have done.




Scramble 1: R D2 B2 L U2 B2 U2 L2 R' F2 D F2 R2 D' F' L B F U B2

The first thing that I was drawn to on this scramble was the orange-green block in the top left position, so I wanted to try and make an extended cross. The way I built the extended cross wasn't great - the best way to do it was probably: y2 z U r U' R U R x' D2.

Inspection: z x2

Pseudo-cross: r U R U x' U R2

Finish X-Cross: y R U R' D2

The next pair was pretty straightforward - I probably should have inserted it into the back slot, but instead I rotated to do it 2gen.

2nd pair: y U2' R U R' U2' R U' R'

There were a few different options for inserting the 3rd pair, I made sure to orient a last layer edge whilst inserting it.

3rd pair: y U' R U' R' U' y z U' R' U z'

Time to orient some edges! 

EO: y z U' R U y' z'

4th pair: U' R U' R' U R U R'

Got a nice ZBLL after F2L - this one's fairly easy to recognise and even easier to execute OH.

PLL: U2' R U R' U' R U' R' L U' R U R' z U'

10.28 seconds, 51 moves (STM), 4.96 TPS


Scramble 2: B2 L2 B D2 F2 L2 D2 F2 R2 U' R2 F' U L2 U L R' U2 F'

This scramble doesn't look particularly nice on first glance, but the green cross is fairly decent and can be executed pretty easily as well. I don't even think that I saw the first pair in inspection here, but was fortunate that I was able to insert the first two pairs with just R & U moves, and without any rotations.

Inspection: z y2

Cross: U' (D z') y U2' R2 z R

1st pair: U' R' U' R

2nd pair: R U2' R' U' R U R'

After this, we can see that there are two blue (LL) edges oriented on the top layer, and so if I'm able to place another one in the top layer whilst solving the third pair, then keeping them oriented during the last pair will be trivial.

So, the way I solved the third pair brings a misoriented edge into the front-left slot, whilst also places the blue-red edge into the top layer.

3rd pair: y' z U' R U z' U' R U R'

Indeed, after this, there's no more work to be done to orient the LL edges - the last pair is pretty easy.

4th pair: y' U2' R U R' U' R U R'

Again, another T ZBLL for the last layer - the algorithm I use here isn't that great for one-handed solving, but it's still probably faster than OLL-PLL.

ZBLL: U' R' U' R U R' U' R2 z' R U' z U R z' R' U' z U2' R' U R U' 

10.04 seconds, 50 moves (STM), 4.98 TPS


Scramble 3: R' B2 L B2 F2 L2 B' F U L F D2 B2 F U B F'

Yeah this scramble wasn't great at the start either - the blue cross was the only one with an edge in the cross layer, so I ended up going with that one. 10 moves is pretty bad, but I did a U2 before inserting the last cross edge because the fingertricks were safer and because it would move the orange-white pair into the top layer. U R U' R' U2' F D after the first 5 moves would have formed an X-Cross.

Inspection: x y2

Cross: U' R F z' U' R z U2' r U' r' D 

As I was doing the first pair (orange-white), I noticed that I'd easily be able to insert the orange-yellow pair into the back before finishing it off, and thus I had a pretty nice multislotting case

1st pair: U2' R U' R' U R U' R2' U' R

2nd pair: R U' R'

The third pair was pretty easy to see and execute.

3rd pair: y' U2' R U' R' U' R U R'

All my edges were oriented in the solve at this point, and after setting up the last pair, the Winter Variation case is pretty easy to do with one hand.

4th pair setup: y' R U R' U

WV: R U' R' U2' R U' R' U2' R U R'

A little bit of luck here in that the V permutation was perfectly set up to the execution angle and there wasn't any AUF afterwards.

PLL: R' U2' R U2' z U R' D' R U' R U R' D R U'

10.31 seconds, 62 moves (STM), 6.01 TPS


Scramble 4: F2 U R' U L2 U2 B' U2 B' U' F2 U2 R' F2 R' L2 D2 F2 U2

I was pretty excited after the first 3 solves, and was even more so once I saw the difficulty of this 4th scramble. There were a bunch of easy crosses, but I saw a green pseudo (offset) cross solution with an F2L edge and corner also solved in adjacent slots to one another. The other two pieces of these F2L pairs were also in the top layer, so I was able to use keyhole to solve them before re-aligning the cross pieces, to form an XX-cross.

Inspection: y2 x

Pseudo cross: R D R2' x U' R z x'

Finish XX-Cross: U R U' R' U' R U R' u'

The third pair was pretty straightforward.

3rd pair: y' R U2' R' U2' R U' R'

At this point, I had to decide between solving the final pair with just 3 moves, or trying to orient all the last layer edges. Given the easy start, I thought that even if my last layer was quite bad, I still had a good chance of getting a sub 10. I decided to just insert it and take whatever LL cases came up, or potentially try and do OLLCP

4th pair: y' R U R'

An easy OLL case for OH :)

OLL: U' r' U' R U' R' U2' r

Rotations before the PLL were really awkward, but I also didn't want to do AUF before and after the A permutation. I also could have done a couple of different A perm algs which may have been nicer, beginning from that angle.

PLL: x y2 U2' R2 z R' U' R z' R2 U' L U'

9.01 seconds, 41 moves (STM), 4.55 TPS


Scramble 5: L' B' R' F' B2 R D L2 F R U' L B2 D2 R2 B2 L2 F2 D2

Yeah... this solution was really easy but I completely butchered the execution and got an 8 move LL. Not my best work :p

The start was pretty good, I tried to make a slightly tricky cross easier to execute, as well as inserted the green-white pair.

Inspection: x2

Partial Cross: z' R' F U' R U2' R

1st pair: y U' R U R'

Finish cross: y U2' R2

The next pair was an easy insert, and I also saw the other two orange F2L corners right in front of me.

2nd pair: U' R U' R'

3rd pair: y U' R U' R' U' y z U' R' U 

The last pair execution was a disaster, I wanted to orient some edges and hopefully get a ZBLL, but my solution wasn't easy to do under pressure. In hindsight I definitely should have just stuck with R & U moves with some y rotations in between.

4th pair: x U F' U' F R' U' R (z' U) L

Lucky LL, but the solve was already over.

ZBLL: R' F' r U R U' z U' R

11.24 seconds, 41 moves (STM), 3.65 TPS

An alternative finish after pair 3 is: z' U' R' U2' R y U2' R U' R', which would have left Niklas! :/

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Simon Cummings

Simon Cummings Posted 6 years ago

How long do you think it will take for your OH WR single to be broken finally?


zuhayr Haq

zuhayr Haq Posted 6 years ago

can you do a mains and goals video for sydney champs 2017

Cuberious The SpeedCuber

Cuberious The SpeedCuber Posted 6 years ago

I know that we can't improve anything from this, but can you do more of those GoPro unboxings like how you did with the GAN 356 Air?

Feliks Zemdegs

Feliks Zemdegs from CubeSkills Posted 6 years ago

Simon - I think there's a decent (50%) chance someone breaks it next year.

Zuhayr - probably not, I don't really do that sort of thing. Might do a mains video at the start of 2018 though :)

Cuberious - Maybe? :p

Shankar S

Shankar S Posted 6 years ago

I avg 9 secs and I still get messed up while scrambling.... while practicing it really doesn't matter but for reconstructions it really does.


thanks Feliks for helping us get 1 step closer to matching u(what about that 4.75 single, any breakdown of that?)

Khy Marchbank

Khy Marchbank Posted 6 years ago

Um what does X y and z moves mean?


Nameless Person

Nameless Person Posted 6 years ago

Khy Marchbank it means whole cube rotations

X is like an R with the whole cube

Y is like a U with the whole cube

Z is like an F with the whole cube

If that's too confusing, then just look at the simulation on this website:


Mahor Nagda

Mahor Nagda Posted 6 years ago

feliks could you recommend which 5 6 and 7 should i buy, i have an inaccurate turning style, but reviews aren't enough. Also i do oh with my right hand and avg 20 secs, should i switch to left?


ISAAC CUBES224 Posted 6 years ago

Umm,  Feliks? The third pair in the second scramble is wrong I think. I just can’t solve it.

Nikita Gamolin

Nikita Gamolin Posted 6 years ago


The first interception should be y'

Cuberious The SpeedCuber

Cuberious The SpeedCuber Posted 6 years ago

Are your old tutorials and walkthrough solves from around 2009 still eligible?

Idris  Sentjurc

Idris Sentjurc Posted 6 years ago

Could you please do a cube collection video or like Lucas did, you main 3x3s from the beggining?

Kaden Graham

Kaden Graham Posted 6 years ago

How many World Records do you hold now? 


Mahor Nagda

Mahor Nagda Posted 6 years ago

i agree with idris, please feliks!

Mahor Nagda

Mahor Nagda Posted 6 years ago

i guess he holds 8 

3- avg

4- single

5, 6, 7- avg and single

Rhys and Cole Armagost

Rhys and Cole Armagost Posted 6 years ago

Feliks, what is your 3x3 main

Parker Unze

Parker Unze Posted 6 years ago

Rhys it is Gans 356 Air SM


Runqiu Ye

Runqiu Ye Posted 6 years ago

Feliks, do you want to try the Valk 3 power m by MoFangGe

Deepanjan Das

Deepanjan Das Posted 6 years ago

Wanna be like you Feliks!!! You are my idol!! See your cubeskills videos everyday!!! Ordered the Gans 356 Air SM!! Arriving on Wednesday!!! Will try hard with it!! So cool!!!



FAIK ACHEDE Posted 6 years ago

felikz, will you launch a pdf of the CLL algorithms ??

Charlie Harrison

Charlie Harrison Posted 6 years ago

Not really related to the blog, but you got a 3.81 on my birthday and I got a 7.47 PB on your birthday!

Rhys and Cole Armagost

Rhys and Cole Armagost Posted 6 years ago


Parker Unze

Mok Andy

Mok Andy Posted 6 years ago

Can you make a algorithm sheet of Megaminx Last Layer?


Helphy Lieby

Helphy Lieby Posted 6 years ago

happy birthday

Carter  Paden

Carter Paden Posted 6 years ago

Hey Feliks, I’m averaging below 15 seconds and I am practicing look ahead and doing timed solves. I know full Oll and pll. I want to know how to get sub 12. What is the next step I need to master to achieve my goal. 

Marcus Kane

Marcus Kane Posted 6 years ago

Do you plan to lower the prices of memberships for the growth of the community?

Rhys and Cole Armagost

Rhys and Cole Armagost Posted 6 years ago

feliks i found a new Algorithm for OCLL1-21, it is (R U R' U) R U' (R' U R U2 R')

Feliks Zemdegs

Feliks Zemdegs from CubeSkills Posted 6 years ago

Rhys and Cole - yep, that's a commonly used alg for that case :)


Feliks Zemdegs

Feliks Zemdegs from CubeSkills Posted 6 years ago

Marcus - the way I've set up CubeSkills is that all the essential speedcubing content and resources are free to view, and it is already quite a comprehensive set of videos/tutorials. There aren't any "secrets" or magical techniques in the premium videos, and I'm not really looking to hide any information. Rather, the extra videos are a small incentive for the subscription, and generally act to round out/complete the tutorial sets.

The premium membership is a way to get access to a bit more content, but also more personalised advice/coaching through email, things such as the solve critiques section, Q&A in the video comment sections, as well as the monthly livestream. Given that what I offer through the service does take a bit of time per premium member, I probably will keep things the same for the near future.

I hope this doesn't come across as defensive or anything, I genuinely just wanted to share my thoughts on this, because the balance between CubeSkills acting as a community resource and also a small online business can be a bit challenging at times. :)



Jacob Siebert

Jacob Siebert Posted 6 years ago

I have a question about megaminx: Which method do you use for S2L (for example Westlund)?

Thanks, Jacob

Feliks Zemdegs

Feliks Zemdegs from CubeSkills Posted 6 years ago

I use the Westlund solving order, yep.

Turda Sorin

Turda Sorin Posted 6 years ago

Hey Feliks, which is the best 4x4x4 without magnets?

Rhys and Cole Armagost

Rhys and Cole Armagost Posted 6 years ago

hey feliks, could you add a link to a useful online timer

Josh Weigt

Josh Weigt Posted 6 years ago

Hey Felik's, I don't have the money to be a premium member, but I want to see the locked content. For example, I want to see the Practicing Inspection in the section practicing, but I can't. Are these locked content important and how else would I learn this stuff?

Phạm Quốc Việt

Phạm Quốc Việt Posted 6 years ago

Hey feliks, are you the only one who runs the Cubeskills system or is there someone else ?

Phạm Quốc Việt

Phạm Quốc Việt Posted 6 years ago

and what is solving critiquies ? , i am not so good at English and I have no idea what it is thought i used the google translate. Please tell me :)

Mahor Nagda

Mahor Nagda Posted 6 years ago

hey everyone i found a new alg for the Aa perm, you dont need to rotate face and you have to hold the headloght in the left side for this algorithm and the 2 by 2 by 1 block in front. the algorithm is

r U r' U' r' F r2 U' r' U' r U r' F' 

this is basically t-perm with double wide r moves 

this algorithm is definitely a bit slower than the Aa perm but fater than all the g perms. this also saves you unnecessary x and y rotations. Feliks could you try this and tell me how it is? 

Mahor Nagda

Mahor Nagda Posted 6 years ago

tudra sorin- definitely the wuque for qiyi, in my opinion and in almost every review's opinion. Kevin Hays also switched from his Yuxin blue to the wuque last summer i guess, and feliks and weyer also use the wuque, i dont know about bill wang though. Correct me if I am wrong.  

Josh Weigt

Josh Weigt Posted 6 years ago

Mahor, I don't think that's a good A-perm, as you said it was slower than a normal A-perm. Even though it's faster than a G-perm, this alg isn't for the G-perm, so it really doesn't matter. And really the only cube rotations that will slow you down are y2's. Also, you can just do U or U'.

Mahor Nagda

Mahor Nagda Posted 6 years ago

try it out josh weigt, if you get a perm from specifically that angle, it is faster. I did an average of 20 a perms from that angle using both a perms, the alg i mentioned is marginally faster.

Mahor Nagda

Mahor Nagda Posted 6 years ago

and you do not need to hold the yellow face in front or at the back so, if your oll ends there it can be rotationless and fluent 

Ethan Varn

Ethan Varn Posted 6 years ago

Major Nagda, from a Y’ angle I found you can also do this case as R U2 R2 D R’ U2 R D’ R’ U2 R’ U2’ R’

Ethan Varn

Ethan Varn Posted 6 years ago

Don’t necessarily know if it’s great but I’ll only use it if I have that case with no AUF before or after

Rhys and Cole Armagost

Rhys and Cole Armagost Posted 6 years ago

Feliks, what is your 4x4 main


Sofia Nguyen

Sofia Nguyen Posted 6 years ago

Phạm Quốc Việt, solve critiques generally mean that you film your solves (e.g: 5 solves on 3x3) and send them to Feliks so that he can give you some useful advice for each solve like "your solution for cross is good but you should try to solve cross on blue, etc." ? In fact, the advice is much more in-depth and advanced than my simple example ?

Vietnamese translation: solve critique (tạm dịch: nhận xét về cách giải rubik's) nhìn chung là bạn quay phim các lần giải rubik's của bạn (vd: 5 lần đối với 3x3) và gửi chúng cho Feliks để bạn ấy nhận xét và đưa ra những lời khuyên hữu ích cho từng lần giải kiểu như "bạn xoay cross như vậy là khá ổn rồi nhưng bạn nên thử giải cross trên mặt màu xanh lục...". Thực tế thì những lời nhận xét của bạn ấy chuyên sâu và hàm lượng chuyên môn cao hơn so với ví dụ của tờ nhiều

Mahor Nagda

Mahor Nagda Posted 6 years ago

hey feliks, ive got a very tricky on for you

if you were to keep any one record OTHER THAN 3 BY 3 AVERAGE, which one would you keep?


Mahor Nagda

Mahor Nagda Posted 6 years ago

also two more things

congratulations on your new 5 by 5 pb


what is your 6 by 6 average of 12 pb? :p

Mahor Nagda

Mahor Nagda Posted 6 years ago

ryhs and cole armagost, it is a cosmic wuque m 

Mahor Nagda

Mahor Nagda Posted 6 years ago


max just got a 9.99 average in oh.

But, let’s all support and motivate you to get it back. Whoever agree comment



Jackie san

Jackie san Posted 6 years ago

Thios should be interesting


chenxin tang

chenxin tang Posted 6 years ago

fe god.its me again,i hope you can make a language choice.i m chinese.sometimes i could not understand something.i think someone other also have this thought,hope hope hope.thanks.>.<   >.<

Nameless Person

Nameless Person Posted 6 years ago

Mahor Nagda



Sorry, but even though i'm australian, Max is my favourite

Rhys and Cole Armagost

Rhys and Cole Armagost Posted 6 years ago

thanks mahor nagda



Nameless Person

Nameless Person Posted 6 years ago

Feliks: How long do/did you usually spend practicing any type of Rubik's puzzle per day?

Showdown baxa

Showdown baxa Posted 6 years ago

Will you be creating some 7x7/6x6 tutorials since I've been practicing for months but am not able to get my time below 3:30 on 6x6 and 5:00 on 7x7.

Nameless Person

Nameless Person Posted 6 years ago

This is a very unrelated question, but:

I've got a square-1 (it came in a box of secondhand cubes off Facebook), and while I was trying to learn to solve it, I noticed something very strange: It has two RWB corner pieces, but no RWG corner piece (and two RYG pieces but no RYB).

Does this mean it is unsolvable, or is it normal for a square-1!?!?!?

William Yang

William Yang Posted 6 years ago

Hey Feliks

I am just at the border of sub 20 I have gotten sub 20 times a few times but just can't jump past it. I know full pll and in the tracking stage in F2L. Oll I know a few but I'm inconsistent with my F2L times any tips

Ian  Sciturro

Ian Sciturro Posted 6 years ago

Hi Feliks, just wondering. What cube (or cubes) do you use in your tutorials?

William Yang

William Yang Posted 6 years ago

Gans 356 Air SM

Bayan Mardon

Bayan Mardon Posted 6 years ago

what color nut do you use?

Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson Posted 5 years ago

what is pseudo cross

William Yang

William Yang Posted 5 years ago

A cross with the cross on the B layer

Ethan Varn

Ethan Varn Posted 5 years ago

The prefix pseudo- means “false”, therefore a pseudo-cross is a false-cross, or one that isn’t really solved. (I.E. he solved his cross edges relative to each other then multislotted the last corner and edge to form a double extended cross when he aligned his cross) :)

Zachary Bush

Zachary Bush Posted 5 months ago

what's the best cube for OH in 2023, in your opinion? 

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