5.69 Reconstructions and Commentary

5 years ago

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Hi everyone - it's been a little while since I've posted on here, been rather busy with other things. This is a long overdue post, reconstructions and commentary for my 5.69 WR average. I've done posts for the last two sub 6 WRs, so I definitely had to do one this time!

I got this average in the third round of Koalafication Brisbane 2019 - the rest of my solves that competition were pretty terrible, but a combination of reasonably easy solutions, good execution, and a tiny bit of luck helped get this average over the line.

Big thanks to Stewy on Reddit for these reconstructions!



Scramble 1: D2 F D2 B' U2 F2 L2 B L2 B U' R2 B' D L F' U2 B2

This scramble had a pretty nice extended cross on red. I could solve the first 3 cross edges and preserve the red-white-blue corner, and then finish off the last cross edge and white-blue edge. 

Inspection: z y2

X-Cross: U R' F R2 (U' D) L2' D2'

In inspection, I could see that the white/green pair was going to end up in the top layer, and the quickest way to insert it at that point was to do:

2nd pair: U R U2' R' L U2 L'

So, I'd solved the first two pairs really quickly into the left hand side of the cube without any rotations at all. Normally this is an excellent position to be in, however I got a bit unlucky with the next two pairs and the number of oriented edges. The first thing I saw at this point was the blue-yellow F2L pair, which I solved with:

3rd pair: U' R' U2 R d' L' U L

Ideally, I would have inserted the last pair with d' U' L' U2 L, which would have connected the final pair and been a good multislotting solution, but I missed that solution during the solve.

Last pair was a bit weird - I decided to insert it with U2 R U2' R' to give myself a slightly easier OLL case for which I am indifferent between 3 different OLLCP algorithms, but wasted a bunch of time and moves in the process.

4th pair: U' R U R' U R U' U R' U R U2' R'

OLLCP was very messy, recognised the case incorrectly and wasted some moves yet again.

OLLCP: U F F' r U' r' U' r U r' y' R' U R

PLL: R U' R U R U R U' R' U' R2 U'

6.90 seconds, 64 moves (ETM), 9.28 ETPS


Scramble 2: D' U2 L2 F U2 F R U' B' R F2 D2 U2 L' B D2 B2 U'

In inspection here I saw a lot of options - decided to go with the blue cross as it enabled me to easily insert two pairs into the back of the cube to start my F2L.

Inspection: y' z'

Cross: R' U' F R' (U' D)

First two pairs were fairly standard.

1st pair: R U' R' y' L U L'

2nd pair: L' U2 L R' U R

Here's where it gets a bit more fun. At this point, it's fairly easy to see the remaining two F2L pairs. I knew that if I solved the red-white pair first, it would give me a pretty bad F2L case for the last pair, so I decided to solve orange-white.

After setting up the orange-white pair with the initial sledgehammer, I also knew that a standard insert would give me a terrible last pair case. Fortunately, inserting with sledgehammer not only oriented my remaining last layer edges, but also served to connect the final F2L pair for a simple 4 move insert.

3rd pair: U R' F R F' U' R' F R F'

4th pair: U' L' U L

Uhhh, I don't know a good ZBLL alg for this case. Recognition was kinda bad, but the execution of my very long LL solution was decent.

ZBLL: U' R2 D R' U2' R D' R' U' R' U' R' F R2 U' R' U' R U R' F' U'

5.64 seconds, 57 moves (ETM), 10.11 TPS


Scramble 3: B' R2 F' U2 B U' F2 U2 R' F2 D' U B U' F2 R' D2 U'

Green cross on this solve is by far the easiest option. The only choice here is to decide between solving the white/green or red/green piece first. Solving the red piece first means that the white/orange pair gets paired up and can easily be inserted into the back left slot.

Inspection: z'

Cross: R U' r' D'

1st pair: L U2 L'

At this point, the best thing to do would have been to insert the white/red pair starting with L' U' L U and get most of the LL edges oriented. However, during inspection I planned the orange/yellow pair instead, so quickly rotated to solve that one fairly easily.

2nd pair: y U' R U' R' U R U' R'

Decided to do a y2 rotation here in order to a) execute the third pair more quickly, and b) leave the FR slot open for the final pair in order to give myself a bit more flexibility with regard to how I solve the last two pieces.

Conventional wisdom is to avoid this y2 rotation, but there are certainly special situations like this where it can be viable.

3rd pair: y2' R U' R2' U' R

Had a reasonable suspicion that I could orient two LL corners if I did EO + 2gen last slot to give myself a shot at a ZBLL here. I wouldn't normally do this sort of solution for the last pair purely for the sake of orienting edges, I only did it here because I was pretty sure I could get either a U or T ZBLL, based on gut feel and how the LL corner orientation was looking at that point.

EO: U' R U R' y'

4th pair: U' R' U R U' R' U R

The slight risk paid off, and I got a ZBLL with no AUF. Recognition could have been slightly better here but no complaints.

ZBLL: U R2' F2 R U2' R U2' R' F2 R U' R' U R

5.57 seconds, 49 moves (ETM), 8.80 TPS


Scramble 4: L R' B D R F2 D' U B D F L D' L2 F2 U' L B'

Red cross pieces are in a slightly annoying position here, but there was a pretty nice solution I found to preserve the first pair, with the second pair also presenting itself very nicely.

Inspection: z

Cross: r U' r' U2' R U R u

Dream first two pairs here 

1st and 2nd pair: U' R U' R' U R' U' R

Third pair was also very straightforward and allowed easy lookahead into pair 4.

3rd pair: y' R U' R' U R U' R'

Solve was going very smoothly here, just needed to orient edges and hope for a decent LL and it was very much on track to be at least a sub 6.

4th pair setup + EO: U' L' U L d

Summer Variation (OLS with disconnected pair): R U' R' U' R U R' U' R U' R'

Really cooked the PLL here though... doing a U instead of U' would have given me a much faster alg and avoided a U2 AUF, definitely panicked a bit on this one.

PLL: U' R2 U R U R' U' R' U' R' U R' U2'

5.79 seconds, 53 moves (ETM), 9.15 TPS


Scramble 5: D2 B F L2 R U' L2 U' B U2 L2 B2 L D B' L2 F'

Nerves set in big time here, thankfully I was bailed out by a pretty easy start to the solve. Just needed to do one setup move to preserve a free pair in addition to a very easy cross.

Inspection: x2 y

Cross: r R' F D F'

1st pair: U L U' L'

Second pair was fairly simple as well, managed to insert it into the back left slot and leave the two slots open on the right.

2nd pair: d R U2' R' U L U L'

At this point I was fairly screwed. I had to go for the blue/white pair, but I knew it would leave me in a terrible position going into the last pair, with none of my LL edges oriented

3rd pair: R U R' U' R U R'

Had to go for the absolute hail mary move here, and try to get myself either directly to PLL or to an easy ZBLL. Doing last pair and OLL + PLL definitely wouldn't have given me the WR.

Also didn't really think do do the R' D' r U r' D R2 U R' solution, which also would have given me a pretty easy LL case.

4th pair + EO: U' y U' R U' R' U R U' R2' F R F' U2' R' F R F'

Saved!!! PLL execution was very clunky, but got the job done.

PLL: M2' U M2' U2 M2' U M2'

5.63 seconds, 49 moves (ETM), 8.70 TPS

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Kacper Kopacz

Kacper Kopacz Posted 5 years ago


Noah Marsh

Noah Marsh Posted 5 years ago


Silas Lickliter

Silas Lickliter Posted 5 years ago

Great solves! I know how hard it is to get a good average when the first solve isn't optimal.

Steven Chau

Steven Chau Posted 5 years ago

Were you expecting an OLL skip from solving the last pair that way on Solve 5?

Steven Chau

Steven Chau Posted 5 years ago

If you did, how did you know?

Was it just pure intuition or is there an algorithm set for those cases?

Noah Marsh

Noah Marsh Posted 5 years ago

He solved the last pair using an algorithm designed to orient the edges on the top layer, and it was luck that the corners were oriented as well.

Kevin  Walsh

Kevin Walsh Posted 5 years ago

Congratulations on another WR.

Sam Durocher

Sam Durocher Posted 5 years ago

Wait. Did that kid steal your cube?

Silas Lickliter

Silas Lickliter Posted 5 years ago

he might have been a delagate

Jakub Straszewski

Jakub Straszewski Posted 5 years ago

Thank you for these comments. It's astonishing how much thinking you can squeeze in less than 6 seconds.

Paddy Eldershaw

Paddy Eldershaw Posted 4 years ago


Ethan Varn

Ethan Varn Posted 4 years ago

I’ve Never seen anything like that last slot of the 5th solve! Such a great way to get the record!

CuberHuang 黄昱bo

CuberHuang 黄昱bo Posted 4 years ago

Feliks !You’re so niubi!

Dac Philippe Nguyen

Dac Philippe Nguyen Posted 4 years ago

Just to say : Your world record of 4 secs has been beaten by a chinese teen ! He did it like 3 sec !

Dac Philippe Nguyen

Dac Philippe Nguyen Posted 4 years ago

Sam Durocher

Sam Durocher Posted 4 years ago

Dude. Dac. Everyone already knows that.

Silas Lickliter

Silas Lickliter Posted 4 years ago

has anyone noticed that before a lot of Feliks' world records Jack Cai is called up by a delagate?

Dac Philippe Nguyen

Dac Philippe Nguyen Posted 4 years ago

Hey Sam Durocher! My name is Philippe, not Dac. Et es-tu du ''rocher'' ? LOL XD

Janis Grinvalds

Janis Grinvalds Posted 4 years ago

We definitely need some popularity boost in Latvia. Please come one day! Maybe also interested to visit ancestry locations, relatives :)

Tung Duong Ngo

Tung Duong Ngo Posted 4 years ago

Hey Feliks, the first solve has a wrong move on OLL: 

OLLCP: U F F' U r U' r' U' r U r' y' R' U R

It should be "U F F' U'....."

Bryan Leung

Bryan Leung Posted 4 years ago

Hi, Feliks. Where do you find your zbll and ollcp algs?

sri hari

sri hari Posted 4 years ago

How much time did you train...?

Reza Gharaei

Reza Gharaei Posted 4 years ago

In the first scramble, in the extended cross section we can insert 2 F2l pair:

Inspection:z y2

X-cross:U R' F R2 D U' L2 u R U' R' u


Truman Jarsma

Truman Jarsma Posted 4 years ago

hello feliks. sry unrelated

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