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6 years ago

Competitions and Travel

Hi guys - as some of you might be aware, I attended speedcubing competitions over the last two weekends. The first one was in Melbourne (where I live), and the second was in Auckland, New Zealand. 

Cube For Cambodia 2017 took place in Melbourne on Sunday the 7th of May, as a fundraising event for a high school’s efforts to raise money for resources and projects to assist with the development of villages in Cambodia. Ethan (the organiser) has held this event for 3 years in a row, and always does an excellent job. 

My main events for the day were 3x3, 3x3 OH, and 5x5. I started out a bit shakily in the first round of 3x3, with a couple of silly cross mistakes and LL lockups leading to a 7.24 average, despite doing a considerable amount of warm up solves before the round. The second round of 3x3 was a bit better - I started out with a couple of 6.5s, but had a timer reset DNF on my third solve, and then two 7 second solves to finish off the round. Still, it’s always nice to get sub 7 in competition - the average was 6.96. I was able to improve on that average in the final round and post a 6.67 average, even after completely messing up a PLL on solve #2 and getting an 11. If I had my time again, I would have probably done the OLL 56 algorithm (on solve #4) and then either the resultant U or H permutation, rather than trying to be fancy by doing FRURUF into a ZBLL, it didn’t quite work out as I hoped.

5x5 was fairly standard aside from a 1:03 solve which was all sorts of terrible. I ended with a 52 average in round 1 and a 51 average in the final. I was quite pleased with my 11.06 OH average in the final as well, a result of some easy last layer cases. It was good to finally compete again after a couple of months off!

Here is the video of my 6.67 3x3 average from the final round.


Last weekend, I headed across to New Zealand for Techweek NZ 2017 in Auckland. I had previously competed twice in NZ back in 2009 and 2010, the former being my first official WCA competition - back when we had no competitions or WCA delegate in Australia at all. Registration for this comp filled up very quickly, good signs for the growth of speedcubing over there. The competition ran really well and many of the New Zealanders broke national records, including the first sub-10 3x3 average. 

My results were fairly mixed - some good signs but some frustrating mistakes as well. On the first day I competed in 5x5, 6x6 and 7x7. I neglected to practice 7x7 in the last couple of weeks so my 2:32 average was probably a fair reflection of that. 6x6 was a bit better, including a 1:32 with double parity which was a nice start to my average. 5x5 was slightly better again - in the finals I managed to record a sub 50 average which included a counting 47, 49, and 51, but missed the WR by about half a second.

On Sunday we woke up bright and early for the half-hour walk to the venue, arriving at around 8am. Despite what my results suggest (11.65 and 13.10 averages), I was pretty happy with the majority of my 3x3 OH solves, but in the finals I messed up an OLL algorithm on one attempt and then DNFed a nice solve by rushing my PLL to try and get a fast time. 4x4 round 1 was passable, and I got a 26.5 average in the finals (featuring a counting 23, 26 and 29). My 3x3 solves on the day were pretty inconsistent, with the single sub 7 average (6.75) coming in the second round. My 7.60 average in round 1 is my worst this year - I guess despite fluctuating single solves, it’s nice to know that my averages have been fairly consistent so far in 2017! 

Here is the video of my 6.75 3x3 average in round 2.


I was pretty exhausted at the end of the weekend, but the trip was well worth it. Next stop: South America!

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Max Chan

Max Chan Posted 6 years ago

Feliks, although you though you did bad and locked up you are still better at cubing then me. Thanks for an amazing post!!!

Here is my WCA Profile: https://www.worldcubeassociation.org/persons/2015CHAN37

Nicolas Gertner

Nicolas Gertner Posted 6 years ago

 Nice ! You become very constant in 3x3 average. What do you think of my WCA profile ? https://www.worldcubeassociation.org/persons/2013GERT01 I love cubeskills , I wait for OH tutorial. Please answer.

See you at Worlds 2017 !

Mike Field

Mike Field Posted 6 years ago

Hope to see you in Christchurch at some point in the future!  I invited the NZ delegates down for a comp in March;


And now Oliver Jenks and I are working on a Christchurch cubing club with the aim of growing numbers down here;


Keep up the great work with the site bro, it's fantastic :)



Aaditya Sikder

Aaditya Sikder Posted 6 years ago

1.Hi!Feliks are you good in maths?

2.I am solving my F2L from upperside for about one years of my cubing.Should I solve it from downward?

3.Please,make some video from green or blue cross as these are my main colour.

Thank for such wonderful website.??

Feliks Zemdegs

Feliks Zemdegs from CubeSkills Posted 6 years ago

Thanks Max and Nicolas! Nicolas - you're quite fast across many events, keep up the good work! :)

Cheers Mike - looks like you put on a great event. I'd love to get to Christchurch for a comp at some stage. I think they're planning NZ Nationals this year in Wellington, so I'll hopefully get to that one!

Aaditya - I'm decent at maths but nothing special. Definitely solve your F2L with your cross on the bottom! Hmm, I might do that third item at some stage in the future, there are probably other priorities right now.




Sarvagya  Sharma

Sarvagya Sharma Posted 6 years ago

Hey Feliks, I have a habit of doing the Yau cross edges  (4x4 ) on left or right both depending upon the situation. Is it a good habit? I felt that I must not waste rotations during 4x4 and must do cross edges as the situation says. Should I do this or discontinue this? 

I also tried being colour neutral on 4x4 but I have trouble while trying to remember the colour scheme. How can I do so?

Kieren Marsh

Kieren Marsh Posted 6 years ago

11 seconds! Ha! Good to see you are human and not just a cube solving machine as other YouTube channels suggest! I'm a complete noob at 39 years old so not your typical demographic. All my 3 kids kids love playing with my cubes so I'll have a go at teaching my eldest 2x2x2 at some point soon. Great work with cubeskills. Thanks for sharing your experiences and knowledge. Averaging a very modest 80 seconds right now after about 2 months of spending all my spare time cubing. 30 is the target then I'll look for some local competitions. Unless arthritis sets in before that...

Sean Fei

Sean Fei Posted 6 years ago

Watching your averages is always fun! I think you're doing pretty good in terms of consistency, it seems that the gans air has helped. One question, I started cubing around 10 months ago and currently average 18-19, is that good improvement? 

Cuberious The SpeedCuber

Cuberious The SpeedCuber Posted 6 years ago

 Dear Feliks Zemdegs, 

      Can your Gans 356 Air First Impressions Scramble TPS and Aolong V1 4.21 TPS be reached with any cube or is it just your fingers?

Aaron Guo

Aaron Guo Posted 6 years ago

Ha, I was there at the NZ Techweek Comp. Was great Judging your 5x5 final solves.

Feliks Zemdegs

Feliks Zemdegs from CubeSkills Posted 6 years ago

Hey Sarvagya, I think that's fine as long as you're comfortable with it, it doesn't matter a great deal :) Regarding the colour scheme question, I imagine it would just take time to drill it into your head - try and do cross plus centers on all 6 different colours until you are familiar with it, I'm not sure there are any magic hacks haha.

Kieren - lol yeah that 11 wasn't ideal! :p Thanks for the kind words and best of luck with the quest to sub 30, definitely achievable.

Sean - yeah that's great!

Cuberious - Probably with most cubes if you're accurate enough haha

Aaron - Cheers for judging, those were pretty decent times for me :)


Aashish Kewalramani

Aashish Kewalramani Posted 6 years ago

Hi feliks 

Is there any app where I can talk to you face to face 

Sorry for troubling you so much 


Feliks Zemdegs

Feliks Zemdegs from CubeSkills Posted 6 years ago

Sorry Aashish, I need to draw the privacy line somewhere so I don't really do that sort of thing haha.

Aashish Kewalramani

Aashish Kewalramani Posted 6 years ago

No it ok as long as I can chat with you on the website I am more than happy 

Thx for your time ☺

Aashish Kewalramani

Aashish Kewalramani Posted 6 years ago

Feliks I have a problem!

I just started cubing a month back and now I can solve the cube within 40 seconds  

But when I shifted to f2l I am taking about a minute 

So how do I  improve my timing☺

Nieh Zee Ernn Ryan

Nieh Zee Ernn Ryan Posted 6 years ago

what about your 2x2 single wr fail? haha :)

Fife Marks

Fife Marks Posted 6 years ago

Hi Feliks...Its very nice to become a member in this group...I wish i can learn from you...You are soo awsome feliks!!.. i wish one day,i can see you solve the rubiks cube infront of my eyes..

Fife Marks

Fife Marks Posted 6 years ago

Hye Aashish?..nice to meet you..if i may..I want to share some tips for you in F2L..Bcause we in this group right..So we can share anything:-).

Okay...so,in F2L cases..The important thing is..LOOK AHEAD..and you must learn from walkthrough solves in youtube..there are many tutorial there..But i prefer You to see Feliks Zemdegs tutorial:-)..Learn from the expert right?...Finally,The speed of F2L is comes naturally with practise..Alwys practise...And Enjoy when you solve the cube?..It will help..

Aashish Kewalramani

Aashish Kewalramani Posted 6 years ago


Fife Marks

Fife Marks Posted 6 years ago


Carl La Hood

Carl La Hood Posted 6 years ago

GJ at both comps this month! I wish there were more comps in Australia, I might organize one for my birthday.

Rafly Hanggaraksa

Rafly Hanggaraksa Posted 6 years ago


Rafly Hanggaraksa

Rafly Hanggaraksa Posted 6 years ago

any suggestion for my first competition? thx "D

东哲 李

东哲 李 Posted 6 years ago

so inspiring but as a senior 2 student in jiangsu,china,it's a pity that i have no time to compete in other cities.

Cuberious The SpeedCuber

Cuberious The SpeedCuber Posted 6 years ago

Should I still learn from your old YouTube Videos like How to get faster on the 3x3 Rubik's cube?

Aashish Kewalramani

Aashish Kewalramani Posted 6 years ago

Pls help me to improve my time using f2l 

As my timing is better with begginers method 


Mayank Sagar

Mayank Sagar Posted 6 years ago

Which cube to begin with 2x2 or 4x4 and 5x5 after learning 3x3.

Aashish Kewalramani

Aashish Kewalramani Posted 6 years ago

Begin with 2 by 2 or 4 by 4


sheng t Li

sheng t Li Posted 6 years ago


Aman Kashyap

Aman Kashyap Posted 6 years ago

Come to india too after south america too for competing!

Aashish Kewalramani

Aashish Kewalramani Posted 6 years ago

Hi feliks 

Pls help me to improve my time using f2l 

As my timing is better with begginers method 


Phillip Andrews

Phillip Andrews Posted 6 years ago

are you going to Sydney Winter 2017?

Feliks Zemdegs

Feliks Zemdegs from CubeSkills Posted 6 years ago

Hey Phillip - I'll actually be in South America at that time, so unfortunately not :(

Corner Cutter

Corner Cutter Posted 6 years ago

Great job the the comps Feliks!

Nomaan Haider

Nomaan Haider Posted 6 years ago


I am good at f2l i average around 16 sec on f2l but it takes me 30 sec for the last layer:(

any suggestions for me other than learning whole oll ?

Jeffrey VanderKuyl 2

Jeffrey VanderKuyl 2 Posted 6 years ago

I want to know how people that don't even know full oll get sub 15

also who else is going to Toledo ohios competiton

Digambar Muduli

Digambar Muduli Posted 6 years ago

Hi feliks

Iam good at  f2l and I'll  my average is 23sec 

Any suggestions  for me to increase  my speed ?

Jeffrey VanderKuyl 2

Jeffrey VanderKuyl 2 Posted 6 years ago

Hey Feliks I have been working on 4x4 with your tutorials and keep getting stuck with the yau method and am averaging around 2 minutes which is terrible and was wondering if you could help out with speed cubing with the yau method because I hope to get down to sub 1 minute before it, Thanks.

chenhao sun

chenhao sun Posted 6 years ago

thought u will come to sydney... 

Ansh Maru

Ansh Maru Posted 6 years ago

Hi Feliks! I have a really bad avg for f2l. It is 43 sec. Do you have any suggestions?

Joshua Badger

Joshua Badger Posted 6 years ago

Hi Feliks!

i have been waiting very patiently for another competition in Adelaide, do you know if there will be one soon? I don't have anything to aim for at the moment and stating to get me down on my chances of becoming better if there are no competitions around me.

Tieg Selfors

Tieg Selfors Posted 6 years ago

Hey Feliks.  What comps are you planning on going to?

ishan singh

ishan singh Posted 6 years ago



Corban Ferguson

Corban Ferguson Posted 5 years ago

Hey Feliks is it true that you won your first comp two months after you started cubing.

Feliks Zemdegs

Feliks Zemdegs from CubeSkills Posted 5 years ago

Haha that's not accurate - I started cubing in April 2008 and didn't attend my first competition until July, 2009.

William Yang

William Yang Posted 5 years ago

Feliks do you have he link to your PB sheet I know you have one but can't seem to find it?

Feliks Zemdegs

Feliks Zemdegs from CubeSkills Posted 5 years ago

Yep, it's in the description of my YouTube videos :)

Ethan Varn

Ethan Varn Posted 5 years ago

Hey Feliks, I know you can solve with yellow or white cross edges on 4x4 and I’m wondering if I could use it as well. Do you know the advantages of doing this and how do you decide which one after first two centers?

Liam Widtfeldt

Liam Widtfeldt Posted 5 years ago

hey feliks i have a gan 356 air superspeed magneto but cant get consistantly below 1 minute. do u have any tips 4 me?

Paxton Bennison

Paxton Bennison Posted 5 years ago

Hey feliks, I have Ari SM but I still can't get any averages under 30


Paxton Bennison

Paxton Bennison Posted 5 years ago

any tips?


Paxton Bennison

Paxton Bennison Posted 5 years ago

and how do you change your profile picture


Will Canole

Will Canole Posted 4 years ago

I just solved a pyraminx and when I stopped the timer all the pieces started swirling around and it was not a pop. Is this a +2?

Hamish Mitchell

Hamish Mitchell Posted 4 years ago


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